In Soera, nearly all characteristic features of old-fashioned farmsteads have been preserved: the long threshing barn, the wide inner yard, the granaries, the summer kitchen, the cellar and a pleasant smoke sauna. It is, however, true that a dining house has been built on the remains of the animal barn and the old fields are all but gone. The central part of the main building (the barn room) was built in the middle of the 19th century and the chambers were added later, near the end of the century. Using this fairly typical Hiiumaa threshing barn as an example, it is a simple matter to observe the change in the lifestyle of the country folk – the barn room has no chimney, but the family room already has a chimney as well as wooden floors. In addition to the archaic buildings, it is possible to study old-fashioned tools and possessions, discover how people managed to sleep in those short beds, find out how clothes were preshrunk in Hiiumaa, how men were pulled home from taverns and how kids were raised. Outside the farmstead bounds a spacious coach house stands, built at a later time and containing larger vehicles meant for work and recreational activities.